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***NEW*** Student Login Instructions:

As of APRIL 4 2022 , students will click the button above and be automatically logged into PowerSchool if logged into an EIPS device at an EIPS school. If not students will be redirected to a Microsoft Sign In page and will use their EIPS email address and network password to log in.

Example of an EIPS student email address:

Student passwords are now the same as the ones used for accessing their Gmail accounts and most other EIPS accounts.

The PowerSchool Parent Portal is unavailable on Sundays from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. for regular maintenance.

Through the PowerSchool Parent Portal, parents create a single sign-on for all elementary, junior high and senior high students in one family who are registered in Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS). Once an account is created, parents can manage their own account information and link all of their students to that account using a unique Access ID and Access Password provided by the school. Your Parent Portal account remains active as long as you have students enrolled in EIPS.

For Elementary Students

Parents can view attendance and fee information within the Parent Portal. Attendance is reported in the AM-PM (A) line attached to the Homeroom course. The number showing in the Absences column indicates the number of half-days missed (and so must be divided by two to calculate the number of full days). Elementary student achievement is reported via “Communicating Student Learning” (CSL), our elementary report card. Click the “CSL” tab along the left-hand side of the homepage to access your child’s report card.

For Junior and Senior High Students

Parents can view achievement, attendance and fee information for junior and senior high students within the Parent Portal.

Email Notifications

Within the PowerSchool Parent Portal, you have the ability to control which, if any, email notifications you receive directly from the system. While these messages are not commercial in nature, and therefore generally fall outside the scope of Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), you do have the ability to control your preferences about these messages, just as you always have. Simply log in to your Parent Portal account and click the “Email Notification” tab along the left-hand side of the homepage to review your email notification settings and update them if required. Please note that all parents will receive emergency messages regardless of settings.

Create an Account

Create a parent account that allows you to view all of your students with one account. You can also manage your account preferences. Learn more.